Real Audio Sounds

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Radio and TV commercials from the late 80s to the present. Many of these sound bytes are only available on this site.

Name Description Length
Burger King Here are two commercials from a 1990s Burger King radio campaign. Burger King seems to like using old songs to promote their food, does this mean the burgers are old? =) 00:45
Chevrolet Chevrolet likes to promote that all the cars are made in America. Here is a commercial that features the complete song of 'Heart Beat of America.' 01:00
Chuck Woody Among my collection I was able to find an old commercial for Chuck Woody. This aired during the early 90's when having a talk show was an 'IN' thing. 00:30
Chucky Cheese This is an old Chucky Cheese Commercial. 00:31
CitiBank Here is a Citibank that is promoting the use for College Students to have a credit card. This is a pretty sneaky commercial to get parents to give their daughters one of their credit cards. 00:30
Commodore 64 This is the Commodore 64 commercial that ran when video machines became popular. I think this is the last television ad that ever ran. 00:30
Compuserve This is an ad that Compuserve ran a few years back. Compuserve is now a part of AOL, which just bought Netscape. This will soon be a classic. 00:30
Crest for Kids This is an old Crest for Kids commercial. I don't know if this is still around anymore. This commercial announced the New Crest for Kids! 00:33
Dane Shulman This is Dane E Shulman Law Firm commercial. Remember: The Law is written to Protect you. Arent you glad they spent money on this commercial to remind you? 00:31
Diet Coke In the early 90's Diet Coke commercials were all done with celebrities dancing to some hip hop music. However, due to a letter they requested this to be removed. 00:30
Dunkin Donuts Here is one of my personal favorite Dunkin Donuts commercials. This one is promoting Ice Coffee and ran in August 1995. 01:00
Emery Emery Worldwide Shipping isn't as big as FEDEx or UPS but you wouldn't be able to tell from this Classic Commercial. 00:31
Faces Here is an old Faces Commercial. Faces is located just off of Route 2 in Cambridge Massachusetts. Faces has been out of business for many years and the building appears to be abandon. 52k 01:03
Flip Siders This is an old commercial for Flip Siders, a product that is a game hidden in a cassette. 00:33
FORD Here is a Commercial that aired in the mid 80's, when FORD was trying to promote how they had the best cars, and where Quality is Job 1. 00:30
Frys Electronics This is a commercial of the famous electronics store in Northern California, Fry's Electronics. 01:03
Hair Club This is the original Hair Club for Men commercial aired in the late 80's. Everyone should remember this classic.... 00:58
Jenny Jones A rare fine! Here is one of the first commercials about The Jenny Jones show. This also aired during the peak of Talk show mania. 00:30
Johnny Most This is an ad Johnny Most did when he announced games for the Boston Celtics. 00:30
Levitz Furniture Here is an ad from the Levitz Furniture a national furniture chain. This is the first commercial that I was able to find that was all musical. 00:31
Mazola Here is the famous Mazola commercial that aired when almost every product announced they were Cholesterol Free. 00:31
Moury Povich Show This is one of the first commercial for the Moury Povich show. 00:15
Mt. Wachusett This is a commercial that is run every winter of a skiing resort near Boston, MA. Now you can hear it all year long. 00:31
National Car Rental This is the soundtrack of the current National Car Rental Commercial, featuring the Let's Go! theme... 00:30
Nike Ad Nike uses some strange tactics in promoting its products. This is an example of trying to figure out what they are promoting. If you weren't told the sponsor of this AD, would you have known it? 01:01
PGE Commercial This is a PGE radio Commercial where they focus on showing up on time. Doesn't everyone try to be on time? Do you really need to spend money in a commercial telling people you'll try to be on time? 00:29
Sams BBQ This is one of a series of commercials air locally in San Jose about a great restaurant in San Jose. 00:58
Sea in the Rough Here is a classic commercial for those that spent the summers on the cape. Sea in the Rough in Chatham. 00:44
Slice Here is a commercial for SLICE. This played on the radio in the late 80's, and sounds too much like a real song to be a commercial. 01:01
Spirit of Mass This is the audio of a commercial that tried to promote Massachusetts for vacations in the summer of 1990. 00:31
The New Dodge This is the commercial that Dodge runs in California. You won't hear this played anywhere but in California. 00:31
TJMAX This is an old TJMAX commerical that ran in the late 80's. 00:31
Van Dekamps Van Dekamps are a name for frozen food product. This is a commercial they ran a few years back. 00:25
Volkswagen This is the popular commercial that has two guys driving around town and the 'Da Da Da' song being playedin the backround. This orginally aired on the last Ellen's show in the spring of 1997. 00:31