Real Audio Sounds

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Assorted political commercials and sound bytes from various people in the political sector. Most of these sounds are from speeches, such as the last part of Ronald Reagan's state of the Union speech in 1988.

Name Description Length
2009 Inauguration Talking about Concond in his Inauguration address. Barack Obama is the first President to mention Concord, MA in an Inauguration Speech. 01:39
Al Gore In 1988 Al Gore put his hat in the Democratic race for the president of the United States. In this clip he answers the question from Marvin Kalp on the night Ronald Reagan gave his last State of the Union message. 01:20
Bill Clinton Here is the President of the United States in 1992 during the last debate. With only two weeks left in the campaign, and a very comforable lead, this is his speech to the American people about why they should trust him. See if he has changed at all... 02:06
Bill Simon In 2002, Bill Simon failed to unseat Gray Davis from the Govenor's office. This is one of the commercial he ran that used Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani. 01:00
George Bush This is George W. Bush announcing the tragic lost of the Space Shuttle Discovery in 2002. This is the first time in history a US President formally announced the deaths of individuals before any public officials. 05:00
Hillary Clinton This is Hillary Speech as she takes aim at Bob Dole for making fun of herbook, "It Takes a Village." This was given at the Democratic National Convention in 1996 in Chicago. 00:25
Michael Dukakis This is part of the acceptance speech that Michael Dukakis gave at the Democratic National Convention in 1988. In November of that year he lost in a landslide to George Bush. 00:18
Mitt Romney Mitt Romney congratulates his supporters on helping him win the 2002 Governor race in Massachusetts. 06:00
Monica Yes this part of the famous Monica Lewinsky tape that was played over KSFO radio during a weekend broadcast. 03:22
Packwood Speech This is part of the last speech that Bob Packwood gave on the Senate Floor. 00:57
Robert Dornan WMUR sponsored a debate in New Hampshire two days before the New Hampshire primary of all the Republican Canidates. This is Robert Dornan's opening speech. 01:21
Ronald Reagon This is the last part of Ronald Reagon's State ofthe Union speech. In this speech he refects on the Constitution and how it changed the course of history. 02:13
Ross Perot This is Presidental Canidate Ross Perot in the Fall of 1996 explaining why he should be the next president. This speech was given after the first debate. 01:33
Shannon O’Brien Speech Shannon O’Brien concession speech. She lost the Massachusetts Govenors race to Mitt Romney. 06:00
State of the Union The start of President Clinton's State of the Union speech in 1999 02:27
Who is this? This is part of a speech a United States President made a few years back. Take note of the last thing that he says. Can you guess his name? 00:20