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Assorted collection of Boston sport audio clips from the 1980s.

Red SoxThis is short clip of the Boston Red Sox where they are attempting to win 10 in a row in Baltimore. They won 7-5, featuring Boggs and Marty Barrett.01:17
Johnny Most IIThis is Johnny Most as he calls a part of the third quarter against Chicago. This demonstrates how Johnny Most really gets into the game.01:25
Johnny MostEvery Celtic fan will remember Johnny Most as the announcer of the Boston Celtics. Here is a minute and a half of him as the above game comes to aclose.01:33
Mike Tyson 2This is Mike Tyson after fighting Leon Spinks on June 27, 1988. This is all before his trouble began and almost 9 years before the 'fight of the ear.'02:15
Johnny Most IVBy popular demand here is another recording of Johnny Most calling a few minutes of a game.03:06
Johnny Most IIIThis is Johnny Most after a successful win by the Celtics against Milwaukee in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Here he is talking about how well they played and what the can lookforward to in the next game. The first few words he says almost describes the 2011 season.04:08
Dream GameA few years ago Johnny Most had a promotion that had made you a star in a Celtic championship game. This is one that was created for me for my high school graduation.04:33
Boston CelticsToday the Celtics are not anything like the Celtics of the 80's. Here is the final stats for a game that Larry Bird, Robert Parish, Dennis Johnson,and Kevin Mchale played against Indiana and won with a score of 133-102.00:28
New England PatriotsThis is the intro that was played on a local radio station right before every single 2002 New England Patriots game.01:00
Red Sox Opening DayThis is the introduction that was played before the opening day at Fenway Park in 2004.04:10
Red Sox Win!On September 22, the Red Sox and Baltimore were tied at the bottom of the 12th inning. Orlando Cabrera is at the plate. Here's what happened after a 2-2 pitch.01:30
Game 7This is the final out of Game 7, during the ALCS in 2005. The Red Sox would come from a 3-0 deficit to beat the Yankees.03:00
Red Sox 2005 IntroThis is the introduction that WEEI plays before every Red Sox game. This has been updated to include assorted sound bytes from the 2004 playoffs.03:00
This is for Teddy BallgameTerry Cashman sang this on April 11, 2005 at Fenway Park. Johnny Pesky had the honor of raising the World Series Championship flag. Terry Cashman is best known for his hit Talkin Baseball.04:00
Red Sox 2013 IntroThis is the new 2013 introduction that WEEI plays before every Red Sox game.02:00
Boston Bruins2013 Boston Bruins radio introduction.00:30