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OJ Simpson Trial

Assorted sounds bytes from the OJ Simpson criminal trial in 1995. All of these were taken during the closing arguments of the trial.

Marsha ClarkPart of Marsha Clark closing argument dealing with the sock and how the defense argument just doesn't make sense.01:41
OJ Defense respondsDefense responds to the motions done by Marsha Clark01:46
Johnnie CochranPart of Johnnie Cochran closing argument dealing with the sock.01:52
The Race CardAn audio clip of the defense playing the race card during the trial and Fred Goldman responding outside the court room.02:10
Fred GoldmanFred Goldman first reaction after OJ is found not guilty.04:42
Doesn't FitSmall clips of the Defense arguments common sayings at the OJ Simpson's Trial.00:15
OJ LetterThe reading of OJ's letter after the criminal verdict.00:58