Real Audio Sounds

Classic Internet Audio in Real Audio format

Misc Sounds

Sound bytes that don't fit in any particular category ends up here. These are sounds that I think people will enjoy, but I don't have enough to create an entire category.

Typical Tech answerThis is funny clip from the Simpson Television Show. If you handle technical questions at your job it would be great to start every answer with this.00:05
Table TelephoneDid you know there is a need in resturants to have telephones at the table? In the 1990s, George & Jeanie Douglas thought it was and came up with this business idea.02:00
Jack Black on SNLThis is the monolog that Jack Black did on the season premier of 2003 Saturday Night Live show.03:54
Concord House2Here is another house in Concord that is for sale. This house went on the Market in Early June, 2003.04:30
Concord HouseOne of the houses on my street is for sale. The Real Estate agent is using a talking house feature broadcasting on an low broadcast AM station. This is the entire broadcast. The house is listed under $660k!04:00
Today Show #2Here's the recording from March 18, 1988, can you remember the top story of that day?00:57
California NewsThis is a mix of all the Northern California TV news introduction theme songs.00:56
Horse & SteerAt the 1998 Santa Clara Fair they had a promotion on a Large Horse and Steer. This is the recording that was played outside of the booth. It cost .50 to see the Steer and Horse.00:53
Number 1 SongThis is a clip of the Billboard's radio broadcast in 1985. This wasn't the number one song of 1985, but it is one of my best edits.00:51
Today ShowOne of the things that I like about the Today Show is how it makes the top news story part of the show. Here's the recording from June 2nd, 1986, can you remember the top story of that day?00:47
Answering MachineA strange message I got on my machine. Not really sure what I was approved of? Someone put a Transcript of the call.00:38
Where's Barney?Here's a little quote wishing Barney was here. Ya, its strange....00:10
80's MusicHere is a nice music mix of (I Just) Died in Your Arms , Queen of Hearts , Broken Wings , Walk Like an Egyptian , Heaven is a Place on Earth , Waiting for a Girl Like you , and Ghostbusters .01:06
Homeless SongThe closing song sang at one of the HBO Comedy Relief fundraisers.02:00
News #3Clinton to help flooding around Iowa, Powerball lottery at 110 Million...02:37
News #1Clinton vists Bosnia, Terry Nickles trial deliberations...02:32
SNLThis is a song clip from Saturday Night Live. It is titled, I am not a Bimbo!02:26
80's Music 2Here is a nice mix of Mr. Roboto , Hungry like a Wolf , Maniac , I Love you Jeopardy , 65 Love Affair .02:22
News #2Bush visits Panama, House votes for a Balance Budget..02:16
Ellen DeGeneresHere's the recording from the Tonight show announcing Ellen's first national appearance. Johnny Carson presents to the world a future star...02:00
Morton Downey 2This is an example of how Morty treats his guests. After hearing this you should wonder how he was able to get guests on his show.01:45
Turtle ManiaHere is a short clip from a record I got when I was in Grand Cayman Islands. This song is all about dancing turtles. It has a nice beat.01:20
Morton Downey Jr. ShowThis is part of the New Years special that aired early in 1989. Morton Downey Jr gives his predictions for the sports winners of 1989. See how well he did.01:20