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Classic Internet Audio in Real Audio format

Historical Sounds

Collection of historical audio clips from my audio collection.

Ronald ReagonThis is former President Ronald Reagon at his press conference explaining his views about the War Powers Act. If you have any doubts about if President Clinton has a right to use troops in Iraq, without the permission of Congress, here is the Great Commun01:33
Roswell, New MexicoThis is the actual broadcast announcing the finding of objects in Roswell New Mexico on July 8, 1947. You decide if there was a conspiracy.00:22
Elvis PresleyHere is NBC announcing on August 16, 1977 the death of Elvis Presley to the world.00:35
George BushThis is George Bush's announcement of the start of Operation Desert Storm. This was given live hours after the planes had taken off in route to Baghdad, Iraq.00:39