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Famous Commercials

Various famous audio clips from the 1980's

Coke ColaThis is one of Coca-Colas most famous commercial of all time. Its titled: I like to teach the world to sing... This sound was requested removed by Coca-Cola!! Read the letter...00:00
Bob DoleThis is Bob Doles VISA commercial. This was recorded from the its national airing during the 1997 Super Bowl.01:01
Where's the Beef?This is Wendy's most famous commercial, it's titled Where's the Beef? This is one of the most recognized commercial of all time.00:30
Pepsi ColaHere's one of the most famous commercials from Pepsi. This sound bite featured the Jackson 5 singing the new Pepsi Song. It was in this commerical that Michael Jackson hair caught on fire.00:57