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Cape Cod Commercials

Some classic Cape Cod Commercial from 1988 - 1989 and today.

Tara HotelHere is a commercial for Delauras located in the Tara Hotel in Hyannis.01:01
PufferbelliesPufferbellies is one of the most famous night clubs on Cape Cod. Back in 1988, this was the most popular nightclub to goto on a summer night.01:03
Mill Hill ClubThis is one of many commercials of the famous Mill Hill Club located on Route 28 in Yarmouth.01:04
WinksHere is a commercial for a retail store in Yarmouth that sells sun glasses.01:06
BarriesBarries is a restaurant in Dennisport. This commercial promotes that this resturant is perfect for late night snacks.00:57
CousinsHere is the commercial for Cousins The Place to be , a night club located on Yarmouth Massachusetts.00:57
Nantucket Sound PowerThis commercial is all about the windmills that are currently being proposed on Nantucket Sound. They do a good job and add a little humor to the subject matter.01:00
Lobster ClawHere's everyones favorite Cape Cod restaurant! This is a commercial that is currently running on all the local radio stations.01:00