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Blog Schedule Changes

Macintosh Focus for a while

I'm excited to announce some changes to the blog content, all aimed at bringing you even better reads! These changes are effective immediately.

Here's a quick rundown of the new schedule:

  • Sunday: Anything goes! Open forum for discussion.
  • Monday: FlexClip - We'll be diving into this online video editing app and exploring its features.
  • Tuesday: Gluten-Free Tuesdays - Dedicated content on gluten-free living in New England, featuring original recipes and experiences.
  • Wednesday: BBEdit Power-Ups - A series of posts showcasing cool tricks to boost your productivity within the BBEdit text editor.
  • Thursday: Classic Macintosh Thursdays - A nostalgic look back at the "good old days" of Apple Macintosh, featuring hardware, software, and news from yesteryear.
  • Friday: Macintosh Tips & Tricks - Your usual dose of helpful hints for getting the most out of your Apple Macintosh.
  • Saturday: Open Topic - We're taking a break from "cool internet tools" for a while, but the day remains open for a variety of content, including internet tools, if they fit the theme.

On Hiatus: New England, Media, and QA topics will be taking a temporary break. We'll brainstorm some fresh ideas to bring them back soon!

I hope you enjoy this refresh! Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.



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