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Natick Mall Time Capsule

Opening up this Fall!

The Natick Mall Time Capsule is a unique and interesting attraction located in the heart of the Natick Mall. The time capsule was created as part of the mall's 25th-anniversary celebration in 1992, and it has been a popular destination for visitors ever since.

The time capsule is a large, cylindrical metal container that is about six feet tall and three feet wide. It is filled with memorabilia from the mall's first 25 years, including newspaper articles, brochures, shopping bags, store receipts, and more. There is even a piece of the original flooring from when the mall opened in 1967!

Natick Time Capsule2022

Opening This Fall

Expect to see some announcement about the opening of the time capsule on October 11, 2022. Since it falls on a Wednesday, I wonder if they will have an opening on the weekend instead.

Finding the Time Capsule

The time capsule is located in the center court just in front of the former Lord and Taylor.

Latitude: 42- 18' 3.282' N
Longitude: 71- 23' 0.822' W

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Andrea Occhionero Hello Friend, You have the incorrect date printed. It’s Wednesday, October 12th when they plan on opening the time capsule. Have a great day Andrea Occhionero

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