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Keychain Charging Cable

Great For Traveling

You never know when you need to charge your phone. It might be practical to have an extra phone cable in your laptop bag or suitcase. However, things don't always work out that way.

You may leave the cord at work, or at home. Usually, this is because you couldn't find your regular cord. Then you forget to put the cord back.

A great solution is to get a mini cord and connect the cord to your backpack. It's small enough that you won't use it for everyday use but practical enough to use when you need it.

USB Keychain Mobile
USB Keychain Desktop

Simple Charge Series 2in1 Keychain Charging Cable

Charges MicroUSB and Lightning. You never know when you'll need a particular cable type it works with iOS and Android devices.

USB2 flexable cable. Charges fast and the cable is flexable for those tight spots.

Small enough to have available whenever you need it. (I forget that I have it sometimes.)

A cable that you won't want to use everyday. It won't get removed from your backpack/laptop bag. I have even forgotten that I have it.

Strong enough for the road. I had mine on the outside of my backpack in the rain and snow. Still works like a charm.

Really Short. If the charger is high off the floor/table, this may not work.

Finding the Cable

Apparently the particular cable I have is discontinued. There are plenty of similar type of devices on I would personally recommend getting lightning and USB-C Keychain Charging Cable. The "Six-in-One Swiss Army Knife of Cables, Portable Keyring Compatible with Apple iPhone/USB/USB-C/Micro USB Cable for All of Your Devices" looks to be a good solution.