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Travelocity Wall Charger

Power up multiple devices

Most of our devices are now powered by USB. So having USB cables and chargers are essential to travel.

On a recent trip, I found that it was really handy to have a dual-port wall charger. You can get a charger on Amazon for $8 to $11. Which is a pretty good deal. However, you may find it cheaper locally.

Wall Charger

Dual Port Wall Desktop
Dual Port Wall Mobile

I found this 2.1 Amps Wall Charger at Big Lots for only $5! What a great deal! I recently went back to the store and they were out of stock.

You may want to check other discount stores. Make sure that the charger is for 2.1 Amps so that it can charge up iPads and similar high-power devices.

Charger in Action

Airport Wall Desktop
Airport Wall Mobile

Here's the charger in action - powering two iPhones at the same time. You should know: Not all airports provide USB charging stations.


Don't forget the cable! Make sure to have at least a 3-foot cable, as there may not be a place to place your phone down near the charger.

Make sure to test the charger! You don't want to find out the hard way that the charger is bad at the worst time.