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Amprobe Battery Tester

Know How Good Your Batteries are!

Just about everyone has a bunch of batteries in the junk drawer. The problem is that every time someone needs a battery, they just open up a new pack. Nobody gets the one from the junk drawer.

How do you know if those batteries are still good?

That's why everyone should have a Battery Tester in that junk drawer. This is a great stocking stuffer for the handyperson around the house.

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Some Tips

I use the Amprobe Battery Tester from Amazon, it costs $7.48. Truely a steal for the usefulness of this tech toy.

Battery Testers can be useful when seeing why remotes aren't working. Is it the batteries? Don't open a new set of batteries, just test them.

Very useful when you have a bag of batteries and you don't know if they are good or not.

The Amprobe Battery tester is very good. I have yet to find a battery that it couldn't test. I purchased this back in January 2016 - and it's still on my desk ready whenever I need it.