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BN-LINK Light Timer

Works great with Alexa!

For years I wanted the ability to turn on/off outside lights using Alexa. The only thing I could find is timers. Which works great except when you want the lights to be off at a different time. This is the Alexa era, surely there has to be something for the outdoors - especially something that can work in the freezing New England winters.

Last year I found the BN-LINK Smart WiFi Heavy Duty Outdoor Outlet, Timer and Countdown Function device on It has the ability to be connected to Alexa and be controlled by various zones in Alexa.

It was a bit tricky to set up. You have to download their app and configure the device to connect to your WFI. I just remember getting frustrated getting it to work. After several tries it worked!

This device worked great this past winter and we are very happy to use it.

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Five Things I Learned

Today it cost $19.99. When I first purchased it in October, it cost $19.99. In December, the exact same device it cost $29.99.

I would highly recommend getting this before the outdoor light season begins.

I purchased two of them because I liked it so much that I had to give one as a gift

Device works great in the New England cold winters. We had no problem with snow or ice. Even well below zero temperatures, the device turned on and off with no problems.

Just have to configure the wireless once. You don't need to set it every time the device is disconnected from power.

Someone on Amazon complained that the three output plugs work the same. They wanted the ability to have different times for each plug. I think if that was the case, it would be really expensive.

Try It!

If you have any holiday lights, I would highly recommend getting the BN-LINK Smart WiFi Heavy Duty Outdoor Outlet, Timer and Countdown Function on