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HDMI Video Converter

Great way to get HDMI Input into your computer

Are you trying to get video into your laptop or Desktop? Well, there is a little device that can take a video/audio input and convert the signal so the computer can read it.

You need an HDMI converter to convert the signal from HDMI to your computer. Basically, a video card to handle the conversion. If you try plugging an HDMI cable into an HDMI port won't work because the port isn't designed to receive audio and video.

That's where the Kalecope Audio Video Capture Card comes in handy.

H D M I Video Capture Desktop
H D M I Video Capture Mobile

Things I Learned

Only cost $14.98 on Amazon

Doesn't seem to work when trying to do a pass-through using a Nikon 7500 DSLR. The video works but the audio isn't that loud.

Works great with other HDMI connections. The sound and video are clear. I have yet to encounter any sync issues.

Has a low profile that fits fine in the back of an iMac. You can still access other USB ports. So you can plug this in without losing a USB port that is next to it.

The unit is well built. I have had it in my backpack for several months. It has taken quite a beating and still works great.

The computer treats the connection as a USB camera. No additional drivers or software is needed.