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Desktop Power Station

Useful powerstation when you need to charge things

One of the things that help me be productive at my desk is my Tower Surge Protector. This is a great way for me to plug things in without having to go under my desk.

This is a handy way to plug things in and charge devices.

Desltop Power Station

Four Things I Learned

The USB ports are just USB 1,1 - so they don't really have much juice for many devices that are used today. They work fine for charging some cameras - just take longer.

The power cable is nice and long- I think around 6-feet. Useful to move the Tower Surge Protector around.

I have some USB 2.1 AMPs plugged in. Other things I have plugged in are hard drives which have shorter cable lengths and plugging them under my desk will limit when I can place them on the desk.

I had a USB in desk charger that fits in the three-inch round opening. The problem with this is that I had to reach behind my computer to plug things in. It wasn't convenient. The tower just makes it easy to plug things in when I need to.

Next Time

If I had to do it over again, I would buy the Surge Protector that has a built-in Wireless Charger. It's a bit expensive for a desktop station - %35, but I think it would eliminate some of the power cables that I have.

I certainly recommend a Surge Protector that has 2.1 AMPs.