August 4, 2019

Home screen view

How has my home screen changed in the past year.

It's almost been a year since I got my iPhone XS Max. I thought it would be interesting to have a look back on how the iPhone home screen changed from my iPhone 6s Plus:

iPhone View 2019

Six Key Differences

I am now using 5-rows on the iPhone XS Max. Trying to keep the last row empty so the apps don't appear to clutter the home screen.

On the iPhone XS Max, I have several Camera apps, ProCamera, Camera, Camera+ 2, and ProCam. This is because I am doing some investigation for a future blog post. (Interesting note: The 3rd party camera apps appear in the order of popularity.)

Social Media is still important enough to appear on the home screen. Instagram has certainly taken off in the past year.

I was using Trello to manage blog content, but have now manage content using Day One .

Voice memos is now on the home screen because I like the quality of recordings from the iPhone XS Max.

I am using Apple Maps instead of Google Maps because Apple Maps seemed to have improved a lot. In addition, Apple Maps will let you know which business accept the ApplePay method.

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