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OlloClip Active Lens

The OlloClip Active Lens doesn't work if you have a screen protector or case.

I got an OlloClip Active Lens for Christmas. This is a cool camera accessory that makes your camera see a whole lot more. Their is an attachment that goes on top of your camera that, depending on how you put it on, gives you wide angle or micro lens.

Great Lens!

Here's a comparison of two wide angle shots taken with the camera. The top shot is a standard picture whereas the bottom one shows more in the shot.

iPhone 6s Plus camera
Click on image for a larger version.

OlloClipview Sample
Click on image for a larger version.

Maybe Another Brand

Unfortunately I have to return the "OlloClip Active Lens" because it doesn't work very well with my iPhone 6 Plus configuration. The Active Lenses clip only works with the bare version of the phone. It will not work with any camera case or if you have a screen protector. I have thetech21 iPhone 6s Plus cover and the amFilm screen protector.

OttoClip clearly state that on the box:

Not Compatible Text

When I tested it, I had to take off my tech21 cover and peal down my screen protector just to clip the device on. I didn't like doing this because when I put the screen protector back on there were all sorts of bubbles in the screen that I had to squeeze out. I was able to take the case off and on again with no difficulties. If I removed the screen protector enough, I am sure I would loose the cling effect.

It seems weird that they would make a camera snap device without supporting any cases or screen covers. Everyone that I know has some kind of case or screen protector to protect their device. In fact, according to NPD Group that 75% of all iPhone users have a camera case. Basically olloClip is targeting a very small market.

I did a quick search this past weekend to see if anyone manufactures an adjustable lens for the iPhone and I didn't find any. Seems that manufacturers have to make sure that lens is tightly on in order for it to work correctly.

I'll keep looking, I really like the pictures that the OttoClip made. Hopefully there's a manufacturer that can make it work! The "OlloClip Active Lens" seems like a great product, they just need to make the clip be more adjustable to camera cases and screen covers.



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