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Braided Cables

New Tech Junkies

If your looking for an additional Lightning cable for your iPhone 6s Plus or iPad, I highly recommend checking out the collection at They have a great selection of cables for all your needs.

What makes better than standard Apple cables is that they last longer. There are a couple of Apple cables in my laptop bag that have stopped working. I think this is because the standard Apple Lightning cables aren't designed for traveling. They work perfectly fine if you just have them connected to the computer all the time.

The New Tech Junkies braided cables have done very well in my laptop bag. The hold up really well. I haven't encountered any problems with them. I recently placed an order so that I have an extra one for my living room.

The cables come in 10 different colors, which makes it easy to find the right cable when you need it. I like the flat-braided over the round-braided because the flat ones seem more sturdy.

There are a lot of dealers selling braided cables on eBay. New Tech Junkies is a better option because they are an American company and the shipping time is a lot less.



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