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4K Videos on the iPhone 6s Plus

I have found that taking pictures of children can be a bit difficult since they move around a lot. They are usually uncooperative when asked to sit still and smile, and when they do the camera shutter snaps a bit late. This is why taking videos can be handy.


Photo of the Day

I use my iPhone 6s Plus camera every day to take photos of my daughter. I send the Daily Photos to grandparents with a story of the morning. I try to keep the photos entertaining and some creativity. Sometimes, its easier to take a video than to snap a bunch of photos.

When I take a screenshot of a video on the iPhone 6s Plus the file size is 2208x1242. For me, this is a perfect size to deal with because I use PicMonkey and create a collage. I tend to keep the final image size to around 700x700 so the emails are nice and small.

I recently been exploring the option of taking 4K videos from my phone. I have encountered two critical issues:

Videos are way to big in size - The file size for a 1 minute 4k Video (3840x2160) is 433.7 MB. Where as a regular 1 minute clip (1920x1080) is 198k. I havent found the real quality advantage of using the 4k option.

Videos cant be backup to an iMac - If you have an iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2011) computer and an iPhone 6s Plus, you shouldn't bother taking videos in 4k. That's because you can't download the video clips to your iMac. Basically, the only advantage of taking 4K is if you want to take screenshots of the clips.

Request for Apple

Apple should add an Info to the Photos App so that iPhone 6s Plus owners can, at least, see which files are taking up the most space. This would make it so much easier when it comes down to determining which video clips to remove.



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In October 2015, I upgraded my iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6s Plus. I am always looking for new exciting ways to use the device. Occasionally, I will share some new practical tip about the iPhone 6s Plus.


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