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A to Z Reflections

A-Z Reflection

Here are my reflections on this years 'A to Z Challenge'.

I decided to keep the same topic format that I have been using. A different topic of interest every day. This made it a bit more challenging to find things that fit the letter of the day. I didn't want to just throw a letter or word, I wanted the content to be interesting.

My first challenge was to build a comment section, which was a bit challenging because I didn't want robots to spam the database. (This blog isn't built using any of the "standard" blogging platforms.)

Some letters were a bit challenging:

When I was stuck on the letter 'o', I actually went to the bookstore and got a Disney book and went straight to the index to get some ideas. This is something that I wouldn't have normally done. I did come up with a great posting about One Man's Dream in Hollywood Studios.
Other letters that were challenging to find topic were Q, X, and Z.

If I could write it over again, I would definitely come up with a better topic for the letter 'W'. I couldn't really come up with something in the Productive category that starts with 'W'. The Winner's Creed was the best I could do at the time.

My favorite was the Leif Ericsson Statue blog posting. I learned a lot about a simple statue. I thought about the topic far in advance and did some research about it.

Overall the traffic to the blog remained the same. I didn't do much promotion. I was more focus on the content and my day to day job. Next year, I'll plan better and come up with some graphics for social media.

Great Bloggers!

I really enjoyed visiting other blogs that we part of the challenge. I wouldn't have encountered these outside of the challenge. There are a lot of talented people posting things on the internet. Here are links to five Blogs that I enjoyed visiting during the challenge:

2017 Challenge

Next year I plan on putting together a better content schedule plan. There were a few instances where I was clueless on what to write about. Boston seems to be a lot easier to write about, Productivity and Disney's topics were a bit challenging.

The A to Z team did a great job promoting the Challenge. My only recommendation would be to add a 'random blog' functionality. Just another way for people to discover other people blogs.



Random Musings Great reflections post, congrats on completing the challenge. Strangely, I struggled on "N" a letter I thought would be easy! Debbie
Lissa Johnston @Lissa_Johnston I think your O strategy is completely legit. I did something similar. I'm crushing on the online digital collections at the New York Public Library as well as the Library of Congress. When I got stuck, I would just go to their sites and browse for something interesting. They are a good fit with my history nerd tendencies.

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