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Top 8 Aruba Post of 2018

My Choice of the Best Aruba Post of 2018

This year we took our first trip to Aruba. It was a fun relaxing trip.

Before going, we did some research to learn more about the island. We wanted to know more about the island and what makes the island special.

We learned a lot about the island and it helps make it a fun trip. We ended up with 16 blog posts about Aruba. While they were all good, some topics were more important than others.

Aruba Signs

Top 8 Aruba Blog Post

Here are the Top 9 Aruba posts of 2018 - they are worth checking out before going.

  1. Aruba International Airport - Far more than you ever wanted to know about the Aruba airport.
  2. Vamanos, Aruba! - This is our airport experience when we left Aruba.
  3. General Aruba - Some fun general information about the island.
  4. Marriott Aruba Surf Club Pools - We stayed at the Marriott Surf Club. The pools were a fun place to spend the day.
  5. DiVi the most photographed tree in Aruba - Learn more about the DiVi tree that is used in promoting Aruba.
  6. Palm Beach, Aruba -
  7. Mix Drinks in Aruba - Learn about all the different mix drinks available at the Marriott Surf Club. Make some at home so you can remember your vacation.
  8. Unique Souvenirs to Buy in Aruba - What Souvenirs and worth getting and where to find them. (Don't buy Souvenirs that were imported. )
  9. Signs in Aruba - Location of the popular large Aruba signs - great for family group pictures.



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