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Unique Souvenirs to Buy in Aruba

A vacation is complete without finding something special to remember your trip. When picking out your ideal souvenir, you want something that is unique to the location.

Here are five "must have" souvenirs from Aruba from various island tourists.

Aruba Unique Souvenirs

Aruba Aloe

This seems to be the most common thing that people get when they visit the island. You can buy the lotion at many stores on the island. Visit the factory to get a tour of how they make the location.

Aruba Aloe Factory, Museum and Store Pitastraat 115
Hato, Aruba

Aruban License Plate

The Aruban License plates are unique and make great wall decorations to a beach house. Someone that really likes Aruba has the license plate decorated around their hot tub at their home.

You can find them everywhere around the island. They are unique and not easily available off the island.

Local Pottery and Art

In the Palm Beach area are several small art shops where you can buy locally made pottery and art designs.

There is a flea market just across the street from the Renaissance Mall

Aruba Reusable Bag

A popular bag that you may see people have at the Aruba airport and beaches. The bag features: California lighthouse, Indian Cave Paintings, Immigration Stamps and the DiviDivi tree and the Aruba license plate.

You can find the bag at the Airport (Shopping Area and Gate 5), Marriott Vacation Club at Tropical Breeze, Renaissance Mall at Cocosol, Royal Plaza in Fantasea.

Jewelers Store

You can great deals on Watches and other Jewelry items in downtown Oranjestad.

The "Touch of Gold" store actually sells jewelry that is made on the island - which is considered rare since most stores just sell imports.

You can bargain with most stores to get a cheaper price than what you see.

There are several Pandora stores on Aruba, you can find an exclusive Aruba Charm. It's the Aruba symbol on an official pandora charm. It can only be purchased in Aruba.