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Marriott Aruba Surf Club Pools

Various Tips about the pools at the Marriott Aruba Surf Club

The Marriott Aruba Surf Club is a fun place to spend the day in the sun. The Pool area is a fun place to be all day long.

Marriott Aruba Pool

Various Things We learned about the Pools

  • The deepest point of all the pools: 6-Feet in the Blue Water Pool
  • Seaworthy Pool - This is the main pool that has a pool bar and a volleyball net. You can swim up to the bar and sit down and enjoy a drink. Don't worry about getting your credit car wet - simply charge to the room. Volleyballs can be borrowed from the activity center. The pool is also the location for any pool activities - such as - Bingo.
  • Lazy River - The Lazy River is a great place to sit and relax in the water. The resort does not provide any floats, you can bring your own or buy ones in the gift shop. We found the river to be crowded at times with people bumping into each other. New LED lights were placed during construction in October 2016
  • Blue Water Pool and Slide - The slide is hard to see from the Lazy River but tuck into the rocks on the Blue Water pool is a nice slide. Adults are allowed to have run and gone on the slide too.
  • Serenity Pool - This pool, the closest to the beach, is a nice quiet place for adults to relax. No one under 18 is allowed in the pool. We noticed that chairs were always available in this area. This pool was never crowded.
  • Guppies Lagoon Children's Pool - This pool is reserved for the non-swimmers. We didn't see many people using the Guppies Lagoon during our trip. Most parents brought their kids over to the shallow end of the Seaworthy pool.
  • Pool Tags - Pool tags are used to reserve your chairs. You can reserve your chair starting at 7 am. You are allowed to go down earlier and mark your spot around 7 someones will come by and let you know that it's safe to leave.
  • Water Slide - The water slide opens at 10am. The slide consists of one 180 Dunn and drops the person into 5-feet of water. There is an attendant making sure people crash into each other on the slide. When there's no attendant on duty the slide is closed.
  • Snack Bar - There are attendants that walk around the pool getting drinks and snacks but we found it quicker to go to the Seaworthy Pool bar and order there. You can get all sorts of snacks and beverages - Hamburgers, Salads...
  • Hot Tub - Tuck between the Lazy River are a couple of hot tubs. They do feel really hot - even in the hot Aruba sun. Kids are not allowed in the hot tub - however, we did see kids relaxing.
  • Lizard Sightings - One of the best places to find some of the larger lizards is the lazy river. One thing we learned is that lizards have been known to swim across the lazy river to get to the other side.