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iPhone Xs Plus Video

Comparing the iPhone 6s Plus and the iPhone Xs Videos

This weekend I upgraded my phone from the iPhone 6s Plus to the new iPhone Xs. The main reason I upgraded was to take advantage of the better camera.

I took a video holding the two iPhones so that you can see the difference between the iPhone 6s Plus and the iPhone Xs. I used Filmora to put together a side-by-side comparison.

Image Size is the Same

Here's the image specs, of the iPhones that I have used in the past:

iPhone 5 3264 x 2448
iPhone 6s Plus 4032 x 3024
iPhone Xs Max 4032 x 3024
Olympus XZ-2 iHS 3968 x 2976

Yes, the iPhone Xs has the exact same dimensions as the 6s Plus. The quality of the videos and photos is much better.

Looking for a new Case

My next assignment is a new phone case, but I don't want a "defender" type of case. The Tech 21 Evo Mesh Case didn't really hold up well.

iPhone Xs New Blog Category

During the month of October, I'll highlight many of the features of the phone and some tips and tricks. This officially means that I'll be retiring the iPhone 6s Plus blog category.



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In October 2015, I upgraded my iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6s Plus. I am always looking for new exciting ways to use the device. Occasionally, I will share some new practical tip about the iPhone 6s Plus.


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