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Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts

General Info about Dunkin Donuts in Aruba

Your not completely isolated from America when your enjoying life in the Caribbean. Among all the local establishments in Palm Beach, Aruba is Dominos Pizza, Wendy's and MacDonalds.

You can even find Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts just a few feet from each other near the Palm Beach Mall. Yes New England, you can get your favorite Dunkin Ice Coffee in Aruba.


There's a Starbucks in the Palm Beach Mall and at the Marriot Hotel. Both places offer the usual drinks and food. They didn't have any egg white breakfast treats. Nether places accept the Starbucks card or allow payments via the Starbucks app.

Both places have the Aruba mugs - both for the same price.

At the Marriott hotel Starbucks, you can charge your order to your room. This is very convenient when getting a nice cold drink after a hot day in the sun.

Brewed Coffee cost $2.75 for tall, $3.00 for Grande, and $3.25 for Venti
Carmel Frappuccino cost $5.25 for Tall, $6.00 for Grande and $6.75 for Venti

Starbucks Location

The Marriott Starbucks is located in the xxx hotel, conveniently located next to the Casino.

The Palm Beach Starbucks is located in the Palm Beach Mall, along J.E. Trausquin Boulevard. This location offered free wifi.

Aruba Dunkin

Dunkin Donuts

The Dunkin has a donut sign on the outside so that you can show the world that you were at the Dunkin Donuts in Aruba. Apparently, people do stop by and take a picture.

We arrive at the store late in the day and they still had plenty of donuts in the there were only a couple of unique donuts that were available - Guava and a Chocolate. I had them the next morning and they were delicious.

The store also sells Dunkin mugs and hats. Great souvenir for anyone that you know that likes Dunkin Donuts. (You can also find the mugs on eBay.)

We purchased the large Ice Coffee mug. The one thing we noticed is that the non-slip grip on the bottom would fall out. We speculate that the mug was probably sitting there for a long time.

Dunkin Donuts Location

The only Dunkin Donuts in Palm Beach area is located on J.E. Trausquin Boulevard - next door to the Texas de Brazil Aruba. If your not up to coffee, you can get some Baskin Robbins ice cream.



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