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Signs in Aruba

Great Photo opportunities in Aruba

There are two Aruba signs that are perfect to show everyone that you're in Aruba. One is the colorful Aruba sign with a star, and the other is the 'I Love Aruba' sign.

The purpose of this blog post is to show where you can locate these signs on the island. This is based on other blog posts and the GPS information on photos found online.

The best bet for finding these signs is visiting downtown Oranjestad.

Aruba Signs
Thanks to Eric Mijts for the 'I Love Aruba' photo.

I Love Aruba

There are two places where you can find this sign in Aruba. There is a smaller version of the sign that has been moving around the island on a trailer - usually park for a long duration.

Original and Largest Version

Downtown Oranjestad near the Marina and next to the Renaissance Hotel in Oranjestad.

Smaller Version

In the Palm Beach area - in front of the Riu and Hilton Resorts.

California Lighthouse area - near the White Lighthouse Restaurant.

Aruba Sign

Official Version

You can find the sign in Linear Park near downtown Oranjestad. It's located just off the Lloyd G. Smith Blvd. It's located on the right-hand side of the road, chances are you'll see it on your way to your hotel from the airport.

Smaller Version

Palm Beach Area - There's a smaller sign near the Senor Frogs.