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RavPower and Rav FileHub

The nice thing about the RavPower is moving Photo/Movies to/from your phone. In addition, it acts as an additional power source for your phone when you may need it.

Plus its really cool that you can access your USB devices.

Rav Power

RAV FileHub Limitations

There are some limitations to what your moving, for example, you can't move a music file from a USB Flash drive to your iPhone iTuned library. You can still play the music and video files on your phone. You have to do it within the RAV FileHub application.

Sharing DSLR Photos

The nice thing is that you can move photos into your photo library to share on your social network. So you can take pictures with your DSLR, and then use the RavPower to move the photos to your phone to share.

If you plan on moving a lot of files from an SD card, you might be better off using a Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader. This is because in order to use the RavPower you need to change your iPhone wireless network to access the card, which I can see can be annoying after a while.

Power Up Your Phone

I have the RavPower Model: RP-WD01 which has a battery with a capacity of 3000mAh. An iPhone 6s Plus has the capacity of 2915mAh, so the RavPower will basically just extend the life of the phone by a little bit. It's nice and light to have and could be useful for those time where I just need a quick charge.

My Joby power charger has a 6000mAh battery. This will charge up the iPhone 6s Plus at least a couple of times and perfect when I am taking a lot of pictures or video. (Like on a Field Trip or a day at the park in Disney World.)

RAV FileHub App

It takes a bit to learn how to navigate around the RAV FileHub. The top menus are in the background of the iPhone Plus menu bar. Because of that, I found its hard to click on the top navigation.

File Hum Screenshot

The App was last updated on January 30, 2015.

In Summary

The RavPower is a great tool to have when I want to share photos that I take with my bridge camera.

The device and application work fine together. I would recommend sitting down and playing with it for about 20 mins. Just so you get comfortable about how it all works.

Important Wireless Info

Default information on accessing the RavPower from your phone:

Wireless Access Point is: FileHub-2DFA
Wireless Password is: 11111111 (That's 8 ones)



Dale FileHub app no longer works with iOS 11, can no longer use my RavPower Hub
Guest FileHub plus on ios11 works with the RAV filehub. I’m using that.

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