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Dance Dad Competition Note

Things to Remember at the next competition

Our recent dance competition at Inferno in Littleton, Massachusetts, was another exciting experience. However, there were a few things I realized could have significantly improved the trip's efficiency. Here's a breakdown of what I'll be packing and researching next time:

Packing for Convenience:

  • Ziplock bags: These versatile bags can hold everything from ice packs for injuries to separated snacks, keeping everything organized and accessible.
  • Plastic utensils: Takeout meals often lack utensils, and having a reusable set tucked away in the car ensures we're prepared for any situation.
  • Portable phone charger: A dead phone during a competition is a nightmare. Packing a portable charger guarantees we can stay connected and capture all the memories.
  • Pen light: Taking notes in a darkened theater can be a challenge. A pen with a built-in light source eliminates the need to rely on a phone's flashlight, saving battery life for more important things.

Restaurant Research:

  • Gluten-free options near Littleton High School: Competition days are long, and knowing what restaurants near Littleton High School offer gluten-free options (including their operating hours) would have been a lifesaver. This would allow us to plan meals in advance and avoid scrambling for food choices, especially for those with dietary restrictions.

By incorporating these tips into our next competition preparation, we can ensure a smoother, more stress-free experience for everyone involved. The focus can remain entirely on the dancers and their performances!