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Center of Framingham

Where is the exact center of Framingham? How is it calculated?

According to various historic records, the Framingham Center green, where the town commons is located, is the physical center of town. I wanted to see if that was the case.

There are different methods to find the exact center of a city/town because there is no official definition. For many small towns, it has a certain meaning: they can leave their anonymity and can build a monument.

Geographical Center of a Town

Obviously the physical center of gravity is seen as the geographical center of an area. This can easily found by cutting out the town map on a piece of paper and then trying to get it to balance on a pencil.

Using the Circular Method

Using the Circular Method is an easy way to find the center of a location. You simply draw a circle around the outer points of the town, and then find the center of the circle.

Using the Circle Method is one way to find the center of a town. Using Affinity Designer is an easy way to pinpoint the center of the circle.

Using this method, with the help of Affinity Designer, I was able to determine that 53 Grove ST, Framingham MA appears to be the center of the town. This is the site of the Edgell Grove Cemetery.

Framingham Center

Map Geo Confirmed!

If you visit Framingham's MapGeo, by AppGeo, and zoom in you'll land at the same location in the Edgell Grove Cemetery. This is because when the site opens to the view of the entire town when you zoom in, you zoom to the center of town.

Framingham Mapgeo



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