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Curbside Refuse Collection Planner

Its autumn time in New England. While the color on the trees is delightful, may homeowners are frightful of having to do fall clean up.

In Framingham, there're only a few weeks out of the year where the Department of Public Works will pick up your bag leaves that you leave by the curb.

I created a quick reference guide to the various pickup schedules for November, December, and January. Once the 2017 schedule is published, I'll create a schedule for that.

Click on image for a printable quality version of the schedule.

Some Notes about Curbside pickup

  • Pickup start time is usually 7am, but I have found they tend to do the trash first, and then do leaves in the afternoon.
  • All leaves must be in large paper bags. (Available at Stop and Shop, Lowes, Home Depot, Christmas Tree Shops and Monarch Supply)
  • The bags must be crumble at the top.
  • Place the bags near the edge of the road.
  • Any major storms in November will impact the schedule, follow DPWFramingham on Twitter for the latest news.



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