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Thing Charger

You may have seen some advertising for the Thing Charger - including a really cool video of how the device works.

Thing Charger

If you ordered some to put under the Christmas tree this year, don't be disappointed if it doesn't arrive on time. There are a lot of people that have place orders online and have been waiting for months to get it.

The inventors of the ThingCharger is slowly ramping up production and trying very hard to fulfill all the backorder without sacrificing quality. Before placing your order check with them to see if they will get to your order in time.

I am a little surprised to see that their latest Google Ads feature the Thing Charger in a gift box. This implies that this makes a great Christmas gift. Don't get me wrong, it is a cool device. I think it's very misleading that you should order it for Christmas this year.

The Bestek Outlet Wall Mount Protector/Charger is an alternative solutions on Amazon that could be a better solution. Currently selling for about $35 on