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Ecobee WiFi Issue

Smart Thermostat Turns Off when there's no WiFi

The Ecobee WiFi disconnecting and turning off your smart thermostat is a frustrating issue that many people have experienced. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can help resolve the issue.

We Encountered this Issue!

While we were having a sleepover party this weekend, we arranged some furniture in the living room and accidentally blocked the WiFi router. This resulted in a weak signal from the router. This caused Ecobee thermostats to lose the WiFi connection - and turn off the heat. This happened because the router was unable to send a strong enough signal through the furniture, resulting in a weak signal that was not strong enough to maintain the connection with the Ecobee thermostats.

Some sleepover guests complained about being too cold at 2 a.m. We investigated the issue and discovered that the Ecobee was offline. We fixed the issue by connecting the Ecobee to another working hot spot. As soon as it was hooked up, the house started to warm up. The router was offline because it wasn't communicating with the Ecobee, which was the device responsible for controlling the temperature in the house. By connecting the Ecobee to another working hot spot, we were able to ensure that the device was communicating with the hot spot and was able to adjust the temperature in the house accordingly.

There's no explanation for why Ecobee turns off when the WiFi signal is lost. If the WiFi was down when we were on vacation, I couldn't imagine what we would do.

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Some Technical Workarounds

First, make sure that your router's firmware is up-to-date. This will ensure that it has all the necessary security features and help prevent any potential connection issues in the future. Furthermore, if possible, try moving your router closer to your Ecobee thermostat. This will improve signal strength and reduce interference from nearby appliances and devices, such as microwaves or cordless phones.

You could also try changing some settings on both sides. On one end, set up a static IP address to improve connectivity; on the other, configure port forwarding rules for specific ports used by ecobee application (443 & 80). You should also check to see if a firewall is blocking access between these devices. Until further troubleshooting steps have been carried out, disable it temporarily. In addition, be sure that each device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network using the same name/password combination - otherwise, they won't recognize each other properly, resulting in eventual disconnections later down the line due to a lack of proper configuration during initial setup.

In conclusion, it's important to remember that regular maintenance of routers and modems should always take place ' including the update of software whenever available ' because these simple tasks often save us a lot of headaches dealing with various types internet-related issues, including those caused by our beloved Smart Thermostats like Ecobees. In the end, I hope the tips mentioned above helped to resolve the current problem of disconnecting from WiFi and turning it off.



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