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Over the weekend I purchased Apple's latest and greatest iPhone the iPhone 6s Plus. I selected the Plus over the regular iPhone because I don't have an iPad and, from what I read, the Plus is a better device.

The first thing I did when I got the camera was to see how much disk space was the camera using by default. It turns out that Apple puts 5gb of data on the phone. Which means that if you get the 16gb phone, you are really getting a 10gb phone.

I really like the phone so far and It's going to take some time to get use to carrying a bigger device. I have found that it fits perfectly well in my shirt pocket and my back pocket.

I don't like where Apple moved the power button as I have clicked on it numerous times while taking a picture. I have gotten into the habit of using the volume buttons to take pictures.

As for video/quality, it seems very good so far. We are heading back to Disney World in a couple of weeks, so I am spending lots of time trying to get use to the phone. My goal is to determine when using the iPhone 6s Plus is better than the Olympus Camera.

Photo Quality Comparison

iPhone 5 3264 x 2448
iPhone 6s Plus 4032 x 3024
Olympus XZ-2 iHS&bsp;? 3968 x 2976



In October 2015, I upgraded my iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6s Plus. I am always looking for new exciting ways to use the device. Occasionally, I will share some new practical tip about the iPhone 6s Plus.


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