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Optical Image Stabilization

One of the reasons that people may select the iPhone 6s Plus is the unique Optical Image Stabilization (also known as OIS) that is only available in the iPhone 6s Plus. However, What does "Optical Image Stabilization mean? How can you see the functionality in action?

Both the iPhone 6s and the Plus have Digital Image Stabilization (DIS). DIS relies on software to help stabilize your camera to compensate for potential shakes. OIS will rely on actual sensors built into the camera to offset any shakes while taking photos.

The big advantage that the Optical Image Stabilization functionality gives you is less camera shake when you take videos, especially you are shooting 4k. Parents with young children will like this feature when they are shooting videos. iPhone 6s Plus takes much smoother shot when your recording your children running around.

The good thing about this functionality it that it is always on, you simply record the video and the phone does the rest.

My Advice Tip

If your video clip still has a lot of camera shake, you can use the post production Stabilization feature in iMovie to fix the shot. I found that the Stabilize Shake Video at 30% gives a nice smooth picture.

Google video has a stabilization feature, but Apples iMovie and Final Cut does a great job.

For better video quality, make sure that the subject of the shot is in the center. Basically, the stabilization will be cropping out the outer part of the video.

When your shooting video on the iPhone 6s Plus make sure to close out of any application and put the phone in airplane mode. This is so that you dont get any notifications while shooting. I have found that some notifications can stop the recording.



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In October 2015, I upgraded my iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6s Plus. I am always looking for new exciting ways to use the device. Occasionally, I will share some new practical tip about the iPhone 6s Plus.


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