October 15, 2013

MBTA Ticket Reminder

Just a friendly reminder if you take any MBTA Commuter rail, do not place your ticket on the seat tab in front of you.

This morning a passenger next to me put her 10 ride pass on the seat tab in front of her. Since the train was running late, the conductors weren't going around checking for tickets. She forgot that she placed it in front of her. When we got to Yawkee stop which was not a scheduled stop, but since we were running late we were making all stops. She quickly got up and got off the train, leaving her ticket behind.

I didn't see the ticket until I got up at the Back Bay station stop, otherwise I would have said something. Her forgetting to check the seat cost her to loose the $80 ticket.

The life lesson here is to hold on to the ticket until the conductor ask for it. After showing it to them, place it back in your wallet.

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