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Framingham Holiday Tree

Basic information about the Holiday Tree tradition in Framingham

Next weekend, December 5th, Framingham will light up the last Town of Framingham Christmas Tree. Next year Christmas Tree will be the first for the City of Framingham.

Framingham Holiday Tree

Six Things You May Not Know about the Holiday Tree Tradition

  • This is the 26th annual Holiday Tree tradition. Started back in 1991.
  • You may donate one of your trees at by contacting Cherry Manuel in the selectman's office at 508-532-5400.
  • When you donate a tree, the town will cut it down for free and plant another tree in it's place. The town will cut the tree down on the Friday after Thanksgiving.
  • The tree stand is actually a man hole in front of the Town Hall
  • This year's Christmas Tree took about 20 years to grow.
  • The Christmas Tree lighting starts at 5:45 pm. Parking and Traffic is very busy around 5:30, recommended to arrive at least 5:15. Best Parking location is the Concord St / Howard Street public parking lot.



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