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Hot Chocolate Tip

Do you think that the plain Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate taste boring? Not rich enough for you?

If you want to try something different, put 3 Hershey Kisses in your next cup of Hot Chocolate. The Hershey kisses will melt under the hot water and you'll enjoy an extra rich hot chocolate. It does take a few minutes for the chocolate to melt, but by the time its all melted, it will taste just right.

You can experiment with other chocolate candies, but I find that the Hershy Kisses work the best. This time of the year Hershy puts out a Candy Cane Hershy Kisses which adds a great seasonal flavor to any Hot Chocolate.

Note: The three Hershey Kisses will only add 60 calories to your Hot Chocolate.

Adding Hershey Kisses to your hot chocolate will make your Swiss Miss taste like it came from a gourmet coffee shop!



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