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GoPro Hero 9

Purchased a new GoPro Today!

This afternoon I purchased the newest GoPro device - the GoPro Hero 9. I purchased this at a local BestBuy store instead of online as I used some gift cards to help with the purchase.

This is my second GoPro series as I currently have the GoPro Silver 7. I have been using the Silver 7 GoPro a lot and still plan to use both of them.

Go Pro Hero9 New Desktop
Go Pro Hero9 New Mobile

Six Things I have Learned

Just getting started learning about this cool tech toy. Here are some of the things I have learned so far.

  1. The GoPro now comes in a nice travel case as part of the environmentally friendly packaging.
  2. The GoPro battery is replaceable. Which is great for when I go on trips. I just need to bring a second battery for those occasions where I may do a lot of filming.
  3. The mini SD card slot Is pretty hard to get a card in and out. Certainly much harder than the Silver 7. I think instead of the 64GB card that I have, I may get a 128GB just so that I have enough space for videos.
  4. Photos, Videos, and Time-lapse are now scenes base. You select the scene that works for you. This makes it easy to select the one that works for you. I almost feel that there should be an additional video category for 5k videos.
  5. The GoPro Hero 9 does support 5k for videos but the option is not enabled in the factory-installed scene. You have to edit an existing scene to change it to a 5k option.
  6. The screen menus are difficult to select than in the Silver 7. I did read another review that mentioned that and didn't think it was an issue. It does get a bit frustrating at times trying to select a menu option or scroll through the menus.

Now What?

As I am excited to learn all about the Hero 9, I decided to make Thursday blog content around the new GoPro.

So instead of BBEdit, I'll focus on tips and tricks with the GoPro Hero 9.



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