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Cushing Memorial Park Children's Grove

Grove Park

Cushing Memorial Park, formerly called Tercentennial Park, is a 57-arces open park on the site of a WWII army hospital. The park features open space & trails and a chapel. There are several Framingham Park buildings where some 'Playgroup Program" classes are held.

Over the past few years there has been attempts to improve the park. There is a master plan where the Parks and Recreation Department has a clear strategy to improve the park. The town has added:

  • Phase 1 - Construction of new lighted parking area near the Chapel, new gardens around the chapel
  • Phase 2 - New park entrance near Keefe Tech new parking at the southern edge of the park.
  • Phase 3 - Reconstruction of major pedestrian corridors near Barbieri School. New Entrance by Winter Street
  • Phase 4 - Reconstruction of major pedestrian corridors near Winter Street. New pergola seating area with park history
  • Phase 5 - Added a new Playground: Cushing Memorial Park Children's Grove. (Officially Opened July 8, 2015)

Phase 5 Improvements

In 2014 there was a sign near the new playground that read:

The Parks and Recreation Department recently received a $400,000 Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities (PARC) grant to implement Phase 5 improvements at Cushing Memorial Park.

Approved Phase 5 concept plans create a naturally themed gathering area for park patrons which will include picnic amenities, a children's grove with formal and informal play equipment, ADA accessible pathways, formal landscape plantings, tree plantings and continued installation of hardscape features including benches, signage and ground surface treatments.

Final Design is currently underway with construction targeted to begin during July of 2014 with completion in the late spring of 2015.

Framingham Play Area2

Cushing Memorial Park Children's Grove Fun Facts

  • Prior to the new playground, a Train play area and slide set was at the location.
  • Playground cost $665,000
  • Parks and Recreation Department won a $400,000 state grant from the Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs agency to cover the cost.
  • Playground is designed for children's 5 to 12
  • There is a water pump that is available for children to play with, it's open from the Spring to Labor Day weekend.
  • Picnic Tables were added so parents can socialize while the children play.
  • Potentially there will be a serpentine pond with landscape banks across from the Cushing Memorial Park Children's Grove.
  • Six Swings including an Adaptive Swing Seat which is ADA compliant (American Disabilies Act)
  • Log Seasaw
  • SuperNova 2 - Modern Day Spinning Wheel
  • Loopy Whoop Spinner - Single person Merry-Go-Round
  • Duet Musical Chimes by Freenotes Harmony Park Outdoor Musical Instruments.

Personal Thoughts

My five-year-old daughter likes the Cushing Memorial Park Children's Grove playground for a little bit. After a while of play, she shifts gears and would rather go over to the playground behind Barbieri Elementary School.

She likes the large slide selection and the different play areas that are available. She feels that there isn't that much to play at the Cushing Memorial Park Children's Grove.



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