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Tom Leykis

Assorted sound bytes from Tom Leykis when he was a talk show host at WRKO in Boston.

Captain CrunchThis is a clip that Tom Leykis play while he was at WRKO. A caller sent this in as a musical to a really strange call Tom had to handle.01:07
Never again TomThis is a clip of a caller telling Tom Leykis that he would never work in this business again, and different caller telling him how Jimmy Buffet was told the same thing.01:26
Tom bares allHave you ever wanted to get rid of anonying housecalls by people wanting you to convert to their religion? Well find out how Tom Leykis solved this problem and why they never came back to his house.01:26
Tom ScamsHere is Tom running a pryamid scam on the radio in Boston. This is how Tom Leykis had the number one radio show in New England on WRKO.01:36
Rats!Here is Tom Leykis talking about the Rats in Boston's T station. He keeps going on and on...01:40
Tom Leykis & BarneyTom Leykis now does a national radio program from Los Angeles. One of the last places that he did a show was at WRKO in Boston. This is a short clip of the broadcast where he kills Barney the dinosaur. 108k01:49
Famous SeafoodHere is Tom making fun of a Boston Resturant sign. What is so Famous about Buzzy's Famous Seafood any ways? Tom brings humor to that question...02:42
Top of the HourBefore 'Right wing Wacko' and 'Convicted Felon' became the offical theme of the Tom Leykis National Talk show, Tom didn't have a regular routine. Here is Tom announcing his show in Boston while he was a talk show host.00:37