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Stage Manager and Desktop

Fix the Disappearing Apps

Earlier this week I installed macOS 14 (Sonoma). One of the first things I noticed was that every time I clicked the Desktop, all my open windows would move away. I didn't like this behavior. Turns out this is a default feature of Sonoma.

Easy Fix

Apparently Apple wants people to use Stage Manager to manage their desktop. Stage Manager came out in last year's release.

While this might be "cool" I don't like it, and I wanted to revert to the "old way."

To disable the feature:

  • Click on the Apple Menu and select "System Settings..."
  • Select "Desktop & Dock" on the left menu.
  • Then in the "Desktop & Stage Manager" section, make sure the "Check wallpaper to reveal desktop" is set to "Only in Stage Manager"

See the image:

Stage Manager Fix2023

Review of macOS 14 (Soon!)

I am still playing around with macOS 14 (Sonoma) and I'll blog about it next week. I did let other people know that this isn't really a much-have update.



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