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HDR Video

Some tips on HDR Video

HDR offers a larger range of colors, as well as a higher dynamic range for luminance (from 100 to 1000 cd/m2). This results in video quality that more closely matches real life, with richer colors, brighter highlights, and darker shadows.

HDR Video

Advantage of HDR Video Recording

There is an overall brighter picture when you use this method, especially if you are shooting outside.

The best HDR video viewing experience is on a Dolby Vision display, found in any iPhone 12+ and most TVs.

If you want to get the most out of your iPhone 14 Pro Max, then you should shoot 4K with HDR.

Disadvantage of HDR Recording

When creating a new Project make sure to use the Wide Gamut HDR = Rec. 2020 PQ or Wide Gamut HDR = Rec. 2020 HLG color space. If your using an existing project you can use the HDR Tool in Final Cut Pro to adjust the colors so that the imported video appears brighter than non-HDR videos if you use the HDR Tool in Final Cut Pro.

It is not recommended to use HDR when you are trying to capture motion, such as when you are photographing sports, as it increases the chance of a blurry photo because it takes three shots to do so.

There is a possibility that HDR video may cause more halos in certain clips compared to others.

It is recommended that you view HDR video on a display that has Dolby Vision. If you view HDR video on a screen that has SDR, then the footage will appear washed out.

Using HDR requires more disk space, so if you're recording a long session - such as a school play or soccer game - you should expect to see a very large video file. Make sure to plan your use of HDR before you begin recording.



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