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Magnetic Smartphone Stand

PROfezzion Magnetic Smartphone Stand Review

As I was looking for a better way to connect my iPhone 14 Pro Max to a tripod, I thought there might be a better mounting solution than the standard grip mount. I figured that using a magnetic mount might make it easier for me to detach the phone and use it for other purposes while I was filming.

In searching for the right mount on Amazon, I came across the PROfezzion Magnetic Smartphone Stand as a suitable option. At $16.99, I thought this would be worth a shot. The bottom has a standard #20 tripod mount on it, so I decided to give it a try.

Magnetic Smartphone Stand

Four Things I Learned

The tripod stand works perfectly when attached to a standard tripod mount. I used it with my igadgitz desktop tripod stand and my tripod magic arm, both of which worked perfectly with this tripod stand.

The stand is not really portable. When I packed it for a shoot, the stand was quite bulky. There's no way to collapse it flat enough to fit in my camera bag.-

In addition to the tripod mount, there are two detachable bases with a removal tool, I am not sure I would ever use this feature as it might damage the tabletop. The mount is standard sticky and I wouldn't want to risk damaging my desk by applying adhesive.

There is a minor problem with this mount type as I have to open the measure app just to make sure the phone is level before shooting, but that's not a problem specific to the PROfezzion Magnetic Smartphone Stand, but it would be nice if there were some built-in levels available.


This is a great stand to have, just takes some time to get used to it. I think I'll investigate some other stands that might have some ability to charge the device while mounted to the adapter..



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