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Digitalize Cassette Tapes

Mark Tapes after Digitalize

My cassette collection is quite extensive. Some of these cassettes I bought and many of them are recordings that I have made myself from the radio.

To make the tapes last longer and not take up so much storage, I have been converting them to MP3 audio.

T D K Backup Audio

How I Get it Done

My Aiwa CA-DW480 CD Carry Component System outputs the audio to my Sony IC Recorder ICD-UX570 digital audio recorder. This recorder automatically adjusts the audio so that there won't be any audio clipping, etc.

Then, I upload the audio to my computer and rename it to the tape. If I don't know the tape or if it's not identified, I just put the brand of the tape.

In the end, when I am finished with the digital process, I put a red sticker with a date on the tape. I do this so that I will know when the tape was backed up and how long ago.

At some point, I will dispose of the tape.

Commercial Music Tapes

The reason why I digitize some of my commercial music collections is that they do not have all of them online. I was surprised to find out that many cassette tapes did not get converted to commercial mp3 files. This is especially true with commercial collection tapes.



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