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Mail Box Location

Know the Rules on the Mailbox

Mail Box Delivery

Having a mailbox on the street is an incredibly convenient way to send and receive mail. It allows people who don't have their own mailbox at home to still get their mail, as well as providing easy access for those who do. The location of a street-side mailbox can make all the difference in how accessible it is for everyone in the community.

When considering where to place a mailbox, there are several factors that should be taken into account.

  • First, safety should always be top priority; pick an area with good visibility so that people feel safe when they go out of their way to use it.
  • Second, convenience matters; choose somewhere close enough that most residents can easily reach it without having too far or difficult of a journey each time they need something from the post office or want to drop off some letters or packages themselves.
  • Finally, consider accessibility: if there are any elderly folks living nearby with mobility issues or families with small children then making sure they won?t struggle getting up and down steps could also be important!

Mail Box Location

How Far Away from the Curb?

According to the USPS mailbox regulations:

  • The mailbox should be placed 6 to 8 inches away from the curb or the edge of the road.
  • The bottom of the mailbox or the mail slot should be 41 to 45 inches from the ground.
  • The mailbox should also have your house or apartment number on it.

These guidelines help the mail carrier to deliver your mail safely and efficiently. I hope this answer helps you with your mailbox installation.


Overall having a dedicated space on your street for sending and receiving mail makes life much easier - especially during busy times like Christmas when you may have lots more parcels coming through than usual! With careful thought about placement you can ensure everyone has access no matter what age group or abilities - which will only help strengthen your local community even further!



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