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Updated Content Topics for the fall blog posts

The content of the blog has been changed in some areas

Greetings to all! With the fall season approaching, we wanted to let you know about a few changes to our blog content schedule.

Here's the schedule since September 1st:

  • Sunday - Open Content - Anything Goes!
  • Monday - Media Monday - Usually this is an entry to the YouTube Channel. Currently, the content has been focused on the scam calls that I get.
  • Tuesday - PDF - This is when I'll feature something new in my collection. I'll update the homepage with an image from the PDF blog post entry.
  • Wednesday - QA - General information on software testing.
  • Thursday - Gluten-Free - My 11-year old daughter has some great tips on finding gluten-free things in New England.
  • Friday - Macintosh - Tips and Tricks on using the Macintosh computer.
  • Saturday - Internet - Fun things around the Internet space.

I plan to post content by 11pm EST times on most days.

This schedule should stay the same through Halloween.



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