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Activity Setting

GoPro Activity Settings could use a touch up

There are 4 video presets that come standard with every GoPro Hero 9: Standard, Activity, Cinematic, and Slo-Mo.

The Activity preset is set up to work with any action shots - which for most people is why they got the GoPro.

GoPro Description

Use this preset to capture ultra immersive footage of your favorite activities. It records 2.7K video at 60 fps with the SuperView digital lens. This gives your video the classic GoPro look with high-resolution full-screen playback.

According to the GoPro Cheat Sheet guide by Project GoPro, those settings are best for Vlog, and Hiking. Just about every other activity has higher frames per second and video resolution.

Activity Recomendations

I setup my activity to be 4k and at 60 fps. That way I can get some great action shots (at least 2x the slowness.) 4k because it gets the best quality picture at the time of the shooting. I can always downgrade to 1080p at post-production.

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