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USB Pass-Through Door

GoPro makes a very cool Door for the Hero 9

Last week I ordered a very cool accessory for the GoPro: USB Pass-Through Door.

This accessory allows me to safely plug my GoPro Hero 9 into a USB hub. This is especially useful when you want to get the sunrise/sunset and want to keep recording for a long duration.

This is a very popular accessory as it has "sold out" several times.

Go Pro Pass Mobile
Go Pro Pass Desktop

Seven Things I Learned

The accessory comes with a quality USB-C cable that is nice and long at 4.5ft. This is great because I don't want to have the charger near the GoPro.

The order arrived pretty quickly. It wasn't the "Amazon Prime" quick, but it arrives within three days of ordering. Credit to GoPro for getting the order out fast!

You can use any USB-C cable with the Pass-Through Door. I have several at my desk, and I was able to use them without it.

GoPro suggests removing the GoPro battery to help reduce the weight of the camera. (I don't know when you would really want to do that with a cable attached.)

The door only cost $13.99 for GoPro Clould members, saving $6.

The door keeps the GoPro weather resistant - I wouldn't really trust this setup on a stormy day.

I do like the GoPro solution over the Ulanzi Battery Door. The GoPro Pass-Through door does feel a bit more secure on the GoPro. In addition, the GoPro solution protects from the elements - If I am taking night time-lapse, I don't want the mist to enter into the GoPro. However, the Ulanzi solution is more practical for indoor use - especially with the 1/4" Screw and Cold Show mount.

Highly Recommend

If you are looking for a "must-have" accessory for the GoPro, this is certainly something to get. You'll be happy to have some great long videos without having to worry about the weather damaging the GoPro.



Alan w Ybarra how do I get the new pass thru door back off?
Ty How do you get the pass-through door off. mine is stuck

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