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Some Tips and Tricks on taking videos with the GoPro

Videos is the reason people get GoPro. Simply point click and action. The videos come out great, and the camera is small enough to fit almost anywhere.

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Six Things I learned about GoPro Videos

  1. Screen Display

    When taking any type of videos, the screen will go into sleep mode after a minute of recording. If you tap on the screen, the screen will wake for 10 seconds.

    This is useful to save power and to prevent the screen light to be a distraction in low light situations.

  2. Recording in 4K

    Think twice if you record in 4k, especially if your posting the video online. 4K uses up a lot of diskspace and not everyone will see the high quality online. Make sure your computer can support 4k (iMac 2011 doesn't support 4k) (Tip: Use 4K for special events not for everyday video taking.)

    There is very practical purposes for going 4k, but if you have the machine power and card space, then go for it.

  3. Short Clips

    Capture quick snap shots of your adventure and use the QuickStories to put together an interesting timeline video. After the 15-second shot is complete, you will have to press the record button for the next clip.

    The Quik application can create some really cool videos from a bunch of quick clips. Try using it as part of your morning commute to see what cool video gets created. I like the music and transitions that Quik adds.

  4. 2x Slo-Mo -

    You can capture the action at 60-frames per second (Which is twice the speed of a typical video.) You can then play back the clip at 2x slow motion speed. This is great when your have action shots that look best slowed down: Ski Jump or watching a golf swing.

    The iPhone XS Max can record slow-motion at 1080p at 240 fps. The GoPro Silver does not support shooting 4k Slow-Mo.

  5. Touch and Zoom

    If you don't need a wide-angle shot, you can "Touch and Zoom" the shot so that you don't get a fish eye effect. Also good for stationary shots when the subject doesn't move too much. I find that the zoom feature is good when objects may distract the intent of the video - for example room lights reflexing on a window.

    Once you start the video, you can not adjust the Zoom settings. So make sure you have the perfect shot before hitting the record button.

  6. Microphone

    There are two microphones on the GoPro Silver 7. One is located on the side next to the USB-C slot. The other is a small hole right above the power button. Keep in mine when holding the camera for the location of the microphone. (You don't want to muzzle the sound because your finger is on the Mic hole.)

    If you need to clean the Microphone, simply shake the GoPro or blow into the microphone hole. GoPro doesn't recommend using a an air blower as it the air force could break the air tight seal in the microphone hole.



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